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This is just a short post to let you all know that I’ve started a health and fitness blog called BlissFit.

I am planning to make that my primary blog, but will likely post on here occasionally as well.


Hope to see you over at BlissFit!





It seems strange considering how long I’ve been in school that I’m actually finished. Four years of University after all the years before of Elementary and High School make up most of my life so far. So now the big question: What next?

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English: What next? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s disheartening to hear from so many people the question “What are you going to do with an English degree?”
The usual assumption is that I am going to be a teacher. Teaching is an admirable career, but it’s not the one for me. I’ve gotten to the point where I just look at the person asking, waiting for them to ask the fated question (much like the Doctor awaits the exclamation “It’s bigger on the inside!” for all those Whovians out there).

It’s not wrong to assume that English majors are going to be teachers because few people recognize that a degree in English has other uses. I had an English prof who used his English degree in a government job, editing the letters sent out. Some English students use the skills in library jobs, or as freelance writers or editors. I plan on using mine to become a book editor and – eventually – to write and publish my own books.

So far, I’m on a great path. I’m interning with Saskatoon Well Being Magazine and they’ve been fabulous to work with. They even let me publish articles in the magazine, which is perfect for growing my portfolio. It’s especially helpful getting positive feedback on a regular basis, which makes me more confident that the path I chose is the right one. Coming out of school I was unsure, but with how much I enjoy the writing and editing I get to do, I know there isn’t another career path out there that I’ll like better.

So, in short I’d like to thank all the people who have encouraged me to do what I love instead of changing my mind to do something more logical. These are the people who have given me the confidence to continue instead of to give up. It’s going to be a shock to those who discouraged or tried to convince me to change my mind when I achieve what I hope to, and that feeling is going to be amazing.

As the Doctor would say: “Geronimo!”

Apocalypse, How?

Today marks day two of National Poetry Writing Month!

Today’s prompt is this: Write a poem that tells a lie, or is entirely made of lies.

I went a bit off the deep end with this one. My imagination liked it.

Apocalypse, How?

Speculation about the end of the world –
Stories with such intricacy unfurled:

The death of Odin by a wolf dire,
The earth will drown, the sky fill with fire.

Antichrist will come from the depths of hell,
to treat the world as his own corral.

In the blood of millions, Hathor will wade,
to purge the world of the evil Ra made.

In the form of Kalki, Vishnu will appear
To make the world of chaos clear.

Of a means unknown, zombies abound,
to eat our brains and moan aloud.

But those are just silly, they cannot be true –
Clearly, the world will be consumed by Cthulu.

Enter the Twilight

I’ve decided to participate in National Poetry Writing Month.

The Goal: A poem a day for the entirety of April

The site is:

Today’s prompt: write a poem starting with the first line of a famous poem.

I chose “The Song of Wandering Aengus” by W.B. Yeats, because it is currently one of my favourites.

Enter the Twilight

I went out to the hazel wood,
a faerie there to find.
I weaved among the hazel trees,
the tallest one, did climb.

I looked out on the forest there
and saw many a thing:
the trees and leaves and clouds above,
a clearing, and a spring.

So to that spring I made my way –
deeper into that wood.
And at the break of twilight hour,
appeared a solemn druid.

“Come walk with me,” was what she said,
and beckoned with her hand.
She led me to the little spring –
I walked onto the sand.

I never came away that day.
The faeries hold me close.
Eternal twilight is my home:
This destiny I chose.

The Addiction of a Scribbler

I was doing a full room cleanse (reorganizing, dusting, finding random things, etc.) and came across a great many things that I didn’t realize I had so many of. Being a Scribbler, I have a great love of journals. What I did not realize was exactly how many I own:


One of the most tempting things to buy – and I’m sure many of you can relate – is a journal to hold all of my great thoughts and ideas. But I’m also a little bit OCD and I don’t like to have multiple stories or ideas in one journal. This is one of the reasons I have so many.
Every single journal has writing in it. My goal now is to fill them all up. What’s the point of all that paper if I’m not going to put something on it?

The Dean Brody Tribute

So, I haven’t blogged in awhile and I figured, hey, I should probably start that up again. (A notion that had nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions, ahem…). Moving on.

Since the song that came on as soon as I opened my blog was this one:

It’s got that nice western twang that I like, and something about it just hits me in a place I can’t describe. It’s not even that romantic, it’s just a really good song.

So, give it a listen! It’s super good, and worth a shot.

Also, give a listen to:

Because it IS romantic, and who doesn’t like that?

If you like a nice country weekend party song, there’s nothing better than:

(For the record, I also love Great Big Sea, and Alan Doyle is awesome in this song)

There you have it! Not much time for blogging tonight, but it’s good to be in the swing of things! Enjoy!

Five Sentence Fiction Friday:

Okay! So, my good friend over at The Writing Life of Melanie Cole has been writing these absolutely fabulous pieces of fiction every Friday. What are these treasures, you ask? Well, they are Five Sentence Fiction, inspired by weekly prompts at Lillie McFerrin Writes!

This week, I thought I’d give it a try.

This week’s prompt is feast (probably inspired by American thanksgiving, am I right?)

All he had been looking for was some food. He knew he shouldn’t have left the shelter of the town at that hour, but the gnawing in his stomach had convinced him he hadn’t had a choice. Now, what little food he had managed to find was far behind him in the pack he’d dropped. He couldn’t go back, not with them chasing after him. Suddenly he tripped, and a scream broke from his lips as the first of them reached him and tore into his flesh.

Morbid, no? But so much fun to write!