Introducing: Musings!

….The Category for when I absolutely cannot contain myself and simply must write.

The Category for times like now, when I just got back to the handy little motel room with a dear friend of mine from the spa!

Which spa, you ask?

Sahara Spa in Moose Jaw! The home of heavenly hot stone massage and rejuvenating facial treatments. Plus more! (However I haven’t yet experienced that ‘more’, but if it’s anything like today I’d very much like to!)

Now, it was during the relaxing hot stone massage of heavenliness that I got a strange tingling in my fingers. They twitched. “I want to write!” they said. To which my mind replied, “About WHAT!?” And they had no reply, just an irrepressible itch to write ANYTHING! A compulsion is what it was.

So here I sit, wet-haired, relaxed, freshly massaged and facialled, and writing. And it’s absolutely phenomenal how easily the words are coming. Sure, they’re not saying much, but they’re THERE! I feel revived. It’s as if a part of me that was hiding decided to come out. Hello, lost little writer! Goodbye writing block and silly inhibitions. The more I write, the better my writing will become.

I’m also under the impression that the more I spa, the more I’ll write.

Too bad blogging doesn’t pay $189 a page so I can spa daily.

However, I do recommend spa treatment to any blocked creative! The ultimate relaxation really helps unlock that door to inspiration if you let it. Pure, uninhibited, free flowing thoughts, you’re exactly what my fingers were itching for.



2 responses to “Introducing: Musings!

  1. Like I said, you’re blog is now officially my homepage; What I browse and dilly-dally upon as soon as my web browser awakens. I am excited that you have found your writing bug again. It just went into hibernation for a while. But now, like you said, it has been rejuvenated, and you must nurture and take care of it so it doesn’t go missing again. This blog is a fantastic idea, Kathleen. And don’t worry about being boring or ranting or whatever. Write for you and for no one else. Cause that’s when the good stuff gets flowing. And it’s at this point that you won’t have to worry about writing stuff that will impress others. It just will because it’s from the heart.

    Good luck and I expect to have regular updates. Whether it be about how you did something completely new that day, or a rant about mixmatched socks. (Which I know you probably won’t rant about because this doesn’t bother you… or at least it didn’t before. **flashback: you wearing toe socks up to your knees with flip flops to school in the sixth grade. Hahahahahaahahahhaaa… I love you. Goodluck. 🙂

    • I’m excited I’ve found the writing bug again too! It’s really quite exciting to be honest.
      And for the record.. I totally remember wearing toe socks up to my knees with flip flops. I was the style model of the time, you know. 😛

      I appreciate this is your home page! It’ll be incentive for me to write regularly!

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