What You Thought You Knew About The Body Shop

I’m not a vegan. I don’t follow PETA on Twitter. But I DO try to avoid buying cosmetics that test on animals. I fully believe animal testing is wrong, and if I can avoid it, why wouldn’t I? The way I see it, if it doesn’t NEED to be tested on animals, it’s probably better for my skin anyway. All natural products are the way I like it, which is why I love using Alma, Lush, and The Body Shop products.

However, I recently found out something about The Body Shop that surprised and disconcerted me: The Body Shop is actually owned by L’Oreal.

Who knew? I sure didn’t. Maybe I’m behind the times here and it’s common knowledge.

The Body Shop

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“Scribbler,” you’re saying, “we knew that FOREVER ago!”
Well, I’m telling you, it came as quite the surprise to me!

Since it was passed on to me by word ofย  mouth, I decided to research a bit on the subject.

So, Wikipedia it was (because as we all know, Wiki-anything is a reliable source of information). Wikipedia confirmed that L’Oreal does, in fact, own the Body Shop. Unhappy day! Imagine my discomfort upon realizing that all this time I’ve been supporting a known animal-tester while thinking that I was saving the dear creatures.

So I decided, why not check out The Body Shop’s website to find out the truth. Who would have guessed that they did not have a SINGLE thing (that I could find) about L’Oreal on there. So I decided to Sherlock it up and look at the L’Oreal website as well. You know what? I didn’t even have to leave the front page to find what I was looking for. L’Oreal has all it’s sub-companies on a scroll list right there.

Now I know a bunch more companies to avoid. (Biotherm, Diesel (Gasp!), Maybelline (already knew that one), Garnier… the list goes on).

My main question is, if The Body Shop promotes testing free products, but L’Oreal still tests new ingredients on animals, what does that say about the integrity of companies? I feel like I shouldn’t buy from The Body Shop anymore because they work for L’Oreal. It destroys everything I believed about them before.

Granted, The Body Shop is still a non-testing company. But if it’s owners still do test on animals there remains a level of discrepancy. Things just don’t add up, and it’s hard to come to terms with that.

I guess I’ll just have to educate myself further. PETA’s company lists are good for that, at least.

*Disclaimer* – I respect your opinions, and I do not judge them. So please respect mine.

11 responses to “What You Thought You Knew About The Body Shop

  1. No I lied… supposedly to sell products in China you have to test on animals and Avon has been paying a company to do it for them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ thats a really sad face ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. I am torn. I thought I was against animal testing. I really did. But after I just read that whole “China requires it” thing, I thought “why?!” But then I guess I also have to ask myself… well. Am I vegetarian? Do I go out of my way to buy free range eggs vs. normal production eggs. No and No. There are a lot of things about animal and human relations that I accept. And some of that is: raising chickens/poultry in large warehouses and keeping them packed like sardines until they are ready to eat (have fattened up a ton) or keep laying eggs (probably given hormones to make them produce more than the natural amount). I accept the whole cow slaughtering thing cause, simply, I love a good steak. Same goes with hunting. It’s not the most humane thing, but I love eating meat. And how about the whole destruction of the rain forests? How many animal’s homes are being destroyed because of this? THOUSANDS. And it’s not just rainforests… any natural habitat destroys wildlife space. Blatantly. I could go on and on but my point is, we do a lot of things in this world that hurt the lives of animals. And unfortunately, most do benefit humans in some way. If it didn’t, then why would we do it? We aren’t THAT bad of a species, are we? If you answer yes, then I am sad to say, you have probably given up hope on our race. Sad times indeed.

    I think I will still shop at Body Shop. I didn’t really buy L’oreal products before… ever. But I do buy Maybellene. And I probably will someday find another liquid eyeliner that I like better than theirs. But for the time being, I will probably keep using theirs, even though I consciously know that they test on animals.. does this make me a bad person? Well, I probably do a million other things in my life (like chose the cheaper eggs over the free range ones… or when I buy a house, opt for hardwood floors rather than flooring made from recyclable materials… or simply go to the Keg and have a nice steak on occasion) that hurt animals. In this day and age, as much as vegans and vegetarians would like to try, avoiding hurting animals ALL THE TIME is pretty much impossible. The chain effect of the world is immense.

    • It’s the same thing with me. I AM against it. But it’s EVERYWHERE! That’s why I thought I was just doing my little part with my cosmetics. I’ll probably still buy Body Shop too, because their branch of the bigger company still is testing-free. But I will not buy Maybelline. And I don’t ever buy L’Oreal (to my knowledge.. that list of companies is quite large).

      • If you want to write about how humans hurt humans (industry wise… not physically) watch the doco about WalMart. ALMOST makes you never want to shop at WalMart again because they are crazy bad people. But… end of the day, WalMart is the cheapest for pretty much EVERYTHING. Money makes the world go round.

      • Ah too true! I might write my little rant about money eventually, because I think it’s ridiculous that we need it at all. But we’ll see. I don’t really have a good enough argument for that haha

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