Why I Go To Class

Now, this might seem like a fairly easy question. I go to class because I pay for it, I go to class to get my degree, etc.

Yes, those are obvious reasons.

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This is the person I'm in class for!
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But mostly I go to class to learn. And how do I do that? Well by listening to the professor, of course!

Do you know what I’m NOT there for? I’m not there to listen to every student and their dog who feel like the sound of their voice is the most beautiful thing on earth. Because it isn’t. And there are an infinite number of things I’d rather hear than your jibber-jabber when I’m there to learn something.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk in class – in fact, I encourage it. If you have something worthwhile to talk about, please, by all means, talk away! If you have something to say that significantly adds to the conversation, or if you have a question you need answered (because no question is stupid) then I have no problem with hearing your voice.

What I don’t encourage is talking so much that the rest of the class has fallen asleep. Because guess what, you’re not the prof. I’m not there to listen to you. If you start off your sentence with, “well PERSONALLY I think,” count me out. I’ve already tuned out and am now browsing the internet on my computer.

People, you would not believe the things I’ve heard in some of my classes. Take my advice. Think before you talk. And please do NOT talk more than Professor. I’m not paying to hear you.

2 responses to “Why I Go To Class

  1. well, I completely agree! I would much rather listen to the professor tell the class interesting things then obnoxious ‘know-it-all’ jabber.
    If there is a class discussion and there is exploration of a stanza or what not, ok offer suggestions, be vocal in class. Just don’t throw thoughts out for every little thing. There is always a few in each class. Don’t get me wrong, I like to talk in class and add to discussion. But I like to think that I monitor myself so I am not ‘that person’.
    Agreed with this!

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