Reasons to Adopt from Animal Shelters

So you want to adopt a pet? You’re looking for that perfect dog, that gorgeous cat? Maybe something small and furry: a ferret maybe, or a rabbit? Perhaps you’re looking for a bird or two!

Ferret plays a stuffed animal.

The truth is, you shouldn’t have to look further than your local animal shelters! Here are some great facts as to why:

1) Animal shelters work to prevent pet overpopulation:

Gray kitten

Gray kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The more animals adopted from shelters, the less that are being purchased from pet stores and breeders, thus reducing the pet overpopulation problem.

For more information on pet overpopulation, please click here

2) Where are your animals coming from?

Animal shelters guarantee that the animal you’re getting needs a home.
What you might not know about pet stores is that they often bring in their puppies from puppy mills and their kittens from kitten mills (imagine dogs and cats in cages with the sole purpose of breeding). These dogs and cats are often inbred, or have major health problems. They can be temperamental and difficult to train.

Many shelters also do a temperament test on their animals to assess the animal’s personality and compatibility with children, cats, or other pets. Thus, you end up with a pet that you’re far more educated about.

3) Animal shelters are cheaper:

So you want a purebred? Nothing wrong with that. You can find them at shelters or from rescue organizations. Not to mention these dogs are often at least partially trained, already spayed/neutered, de-wormed and vet-checked (with their shots!). Which means you don’t have to pay for all of that after buying the animal.

Shelter animals are cheaper than pet stores and breeders as well, so you’re getting a lifelong friend without the hole in your pocket.

Dog at animal shelter

Dog at animal shelter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4) Shelter’s have a large selection:

Whether you want a purebred or a mutt (personally, I think mutts are cuter!) you’ll find both at shelters!

Due to overpopulation, shelters and rescues often have a huge selection of animals to choose from. More options makes it more likely that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

And you’ll probably fall in love with your new friend right on the spot.



5) Save a life!

By adopting from animal shelter’s you are guaranteeing that the animal you choose gets to live a full life instead of being put down.

These animals are lonely and just waiting for you to love them. And believe me, they’ll love you all the more in return!

You’re saving lives, folks. How could you turn that down?

If you’re not sure how to go about finding a shelter:

Check online! Many shelters have websites or phone numbers that are easily accessible. Remember, these shelters WANT to be found! Their goal is to save the lives of the neglected or forgotten animals that come to them.

Petfinder is a great way to find animal near you, along with the shelters they’re from!

Happy trails!

8 responses to “Reasons to Adopt from Animal Shelters

  1. My first dog is probably going to be from a shelter or something similar to one. I think it is a good thing because those animals need love just as much. Also I think I will get an older dog because people usually buy puppies, leaving the older dogs homeless.

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