Baby Steps

I came across a quote today that hit me rather hard.

“Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t,
you’re absolutely right.”
Henry Ford

It really got me thinking. How often do I put things off because I’m not confident in my abilities? How often do I back out because I just don’t think I can do it?

How often have I regretted my self-doubt?

These thoughts brought me to an uncomfortable truth: I am afraid. I’m afraid of the future, and I’m afraid of rejection. I’m afraid that all the plans I’m making will come to naught. I have often regretted not going for something or not trying as hard as I might, as if to prove that unsatisfactory results were due to my lack of effort and not my talent or abilities.

How will I know unless I try my hardest? What is rejection but an opportunity to improve? Yes, rejection hurts, but I will make it my goal to try and try again until I’ve improved enough, until I’ve reached my perfection.

I will take baby steps towards my goals. The first step is realizing I doubt myself, and overcoming that doubt. It is my most crippling quality.

Henry Ford is right – I am everything I believe myself to be. If I believe I can do something – I can.

After all, my dreams are not going to come true without a little help.

7 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. While having one of those “feeling low” days, I read this insight by you and I am proud and hopeful of all you are and all you are going to be! I love to read your thoughts and ideas and it makes me feel closer to you! You can do anything – I know it! I have all the faith in the world for you – You are amazing!

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