Motivation – where are you?

It’s that time of year again (student’s know what I’m talking about) when finals are drawing nearer, and nearer, and my motivation has packed up and moved to Mars.

I had three essays due this week. That’s right, THREE! One Monday, one Tuesday, and one today (Thursday). Needless to say, tired Scribbler is tired. Not that I mind writing essays, after all, I do want to make writing my career. But the high stress and the buzz of spring in the air along with the incoming wave of final exams makes the mind a bit weary. Why on earth would I want to be inside studying when it’s so nice outside?

Like I said, Motivation is m.i.a.

Now that my essays are done (and class was over early so now I have a 2 hour break until my next class) I’m going to take a well deserved break, and draw this dog.

Ali, the husky. Awe, so cute!


Because, like I said, tired Scribbler is tired, and has no motivation to study during this break, despite the Monday final looming closer, and closer….