DragonVale is Eating My Life

I can’t help myself! The dragons! They’re so cute!

I just got an iPhone and as if playing with it weren’t addicting enough, my sister got me hooked on DragonVale.

It’s bad folks. I check that game once every three and a half minutes to see if maybe – just maybe – while I was away my dragon will have somehow gone from 11.5 hours until hatching to being done. It’s so disappointing when it’s still at 11.5 hours when I check back. Seriously, why make such an addicting game have such a ridiculously long waiting time?

I WANTS MOAR DRAGONZ! Oh Zeus, I need help…

Cute Baby Dragon is Cute

And as if it weren’t bad enough, they have *rare* dragons that are ridiculously difficult to get. So now that you have your collection of dragons, you’re trying your darndest to get those rare ones, and eventually you’re forgetting to eat, you’re setting an alarm for when your dragon is due to hatch at 3:30 am, and you’re starting to look like Gollum from staring at that little LED screen for so long.

Curse you DragonVale!


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