The Perfection Myth: Why Models Scare the Crap out of Me

Today I received news of a tragic misfortune: my bikini top that I had ordered somehow became unavailable, so I got refunded and am now left with the bottoms (which are, in fact, a final sale. Bastards.)

I considered complaining to the company, but then I thought why bother? It’s not a huge deal, I’ll just be a trendsetter and mismatch (this conclusion reached with the help of some friends – you know who you are). As I was trying on the various tops that would look utterly fabulous with the very boldly patterned bottoms, I couldn’t help but notice a few things about myself in the mirror. There’s the imperfections of my skin, the little bit of excess on my stomach, the speedbumps on my chest that for some reason I never like in a bikini top. And as I was trying to imagine myself differently, I stopped. Instead, I pointed out the things about myself that I liked: my hair, my eyes, my collar bone and bold shoulders. As I did that, I also started to think about how utterly normal I looked. Healthy. Why would I want to be different than that?

Seriously, I recommend that everybody do this on a regular basis: point out what you like about yourself in the mirror.

What a confidence boost!

It scares me how I was almost sucked in to the myth of perfection by comparing myself to pictures I’d seen of perfect looking women. What makes these women seem so perfect to us? The models on television aren’t healthy. They’re starving skeletons of women who are slaves to fashion. A small percentage of the women on magazines actually get their bodies from workouts and healthy eating. Even then, they’re so airbrushed that anything natural looking about them has been erased.

Why do women compare themselves to these impossible people? We are REAL. We live every day. If we have scars, or wrinkles, or extra weight, they are the signs of life. People on billboards aren’t real. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to them. It’s terrifying that we do, and that the future generations will do the same.

If we are healthy, we are perfect.

It’s important to remember that.