The Beginning of the End

It seems like it was only a short time ago that I started my University life (in truth, 3 years is actually a short time, but as school goes, it’s lengthy). Now I’m starting my fourth year, and it’s gotten me to thinking about how one year in a life can determine a future.
This year marks a stepping stone for many people I know:Life (NBC TV series)

One of my friends was accepted into the Education program.
Another of my friends was accepted into Optometry.
Yet another will be starting Plumbing in a month.
One has an internship as a student teacher.

My sister is taking the year off to save money to go to Culinary School.
My brother will be graduating high school this year.
I am in my last year of my degree, and will be applying to take my masters.

It’s amazing how somehow this year seems to be so important for so many people. This year is special: it marks the beginning to an end for so many people I know, including myself. How we succeed in this year will determine how our future will unfold. I’m excited to experience it.


2 responses to “The Beginning of the End

  1. It is crazy to think that one decision can totally alter one’s path! lol I like that I can list the people that got into things 😛

    But it is exciting that we are actually making decisions now that actually are relevant to our lives (no matter how scary that is!). It is exciting to be starting our grown up lives. I like thing post miss. good job!

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