While I’m Waiting For The Bus

Sometimes I feel like waiting for the bus is the worst thing in the world. Firstly, it’s almost always late. When it’s not late, it’s early and I miss it that way too. Or I will show up to the stop early in minus forty and it won’t come at all. Those are the days when I want to punch kittens. Not of course that is actually punch a kitten, but I’m sure you understand the level of frustration.
And I grumble to myself “it’s late again!” And curse how unfortunate my life is.
But then I get on the bus and I see someone in a raggedy jacket with a grizzly beard and two toques on, and it’s things like that which make me realize my life isn’t so bad. Yes it’s cold out, yes the bus was late, and it’s inconvenient and ill-organized. But at least I’m not living on it.
Sometimes it takes these moments to make me realize how selfish I can be, and then I feel really ashamed.
I’m very lucky to live in a house and be going to school, and to have all the things I do. Sometimes life just gives us perspective, especially when we need it most.