Five Sentence Fiction Friday:

Okay! So, my good friend over at The Writing Life of Melanie Cole has been writing these absolutely fabulous pieces of fiction every Friday. What are these treasures, you ask? Well, they are Five Sentence Fiction, inspired by weekly prompts at Lillie McFerrin Writes!

This week, I thought I’d give it a try.

This week’s prompt is feast (probably inspired by American thanksgiving, am I right?)

All he had been looking for was some food. He knew he shouldn’t have left the shelter of the town at that hour, but the gnawing in his stomach had convinced him he hadn’t had a choice. Now, what little food he had managed to find was far behind him in the pack he’d dropped. He couldn’t go back, not with them chasing after him. Suddenly he tripped, and a scream broke from his lips as the first of them reached him and tore into his flesh.

Morbid, no? But so much fun to write!


National Novel Writing Month

This month, as many of you know, is National Novel Writing Month! I’ve decided that despite how busy I am with school, it’s in my best interest to participate.
The writing began yesterday.
And OH! How glorious it felt to write with reckless abandon, letting my words flow freely onto the page!
I found out what my biggest problem as a writer is, my most challenging roadblock: I’m too much of a perfectionist. Honestly, those first thousand words felt like an anvil to my creative perfectionism. They were flawed! They were messy! They didn’t make sense!
It took all my willpower to refrain from impulsively deleting them and starting over.
Why didn’t I? Believe me, I still want to so badly! But I can’t, and I won’t, because overcoming this debilitating perfectionism is the only way that I can eventually make the work perfect.
So I will write again with beautiful freedom, and continue on to the goal of 50K words, and only then will I edit and fix. No novel starts out perfectly.

For those interested in participating, visit the Nanowrimo website – I promise it will be worth your while!
Happy writing!

When I Cannot Sleep…

… I blog instead.

Well, this may be a completely new thing. I figured it was worth a try. And since WordPress happens to have this handy iPhone app, I can do it right from my pillow with no hassle or effort whatsoever.
It happens to be 1:20 am here in frozen Saskabush, and I’m in the basement room. My heater is failing at keeping me warm.
Also, since I’m in the basement I get a lot of spider action happening all over my floor. Just recently (12:47 am, in fact) I came into my room to discover a little ball of brown fuzzy with eight legs creeping across my floor. Not as adorable as you may think. I’ve now decided to always have a shoe on my floor, because it was useful in accomplishing the squishiness.
What does this have to do with sleeping? Well, I’m convinced the adrenaline from all the terrible excitement is preventing me from sleeping. That, and I keep wondering if there’s going to be one on my pillow.