The Addiction of a Scribbler

I was doing a full room cleanse (reorganizing, dusting, finding random things, etc.) and came across a great many things that I didn’t realize I had so many of. Being a Scribbler, I have a great love of journals. What I did not realize was exactly how many I own:


One of the most tempting things to buy – and I’m sure many of you can relate – is a journal to hold all of my great thoughts and ideas. But I’m also a little bit OCD and I don’t like to have multiple stories or ideas in one journal. This is one of the reasons I have so many.
Every single journal has writing in it. My goal now is to fill them all up. What’s the point of all that paper if I’m not going to put something on it?


The Dean Brody Tribute

So, I haven’t blogged in awhile and I figured, hey, I should probably start that up again. (A notion that had nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions, ahem…). Moving on.

Since the song that came on as soon as I opened my blog was this one:

It’s got that nice western twang that I like, and something about it just hits me in a place I can’t describe. It’s not even that romantic, it’s just a really good song.

So, give it a listen! It’s super good, and worth a shot.

Also, give a listen to:

Because it IS romantic, and who doesn’t like that?

If you like a nice country weekend party song, there’s nothing better than:

(For the record, I also love Great Big Sea, and Alan Doyle is awesome in this song)

There you have it! Not much time for blogging tonight, but it’s good to be in the swing of things! Enjoy!