It seems strange considering how long I’ve been in school that I’m actually finished. Four years of University after all the years before of Elementary and High School make up most of my life so far. So now the big question: What next?

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It’s disheartening to hear from so many people the question “What are you going to do with an English degree?”
The usual assumption is that I am going to be a teacher. Teaching is an admirable career, but it’s not the one for me. I’ve gotten to the point where I just look at the person asking, waiting for them to ask the fated question (much like the Doctor awaits the exclamation “It’s bigger on the inside!” for all those Whovians out there).

It’s not wrong to assume that English majors are going to be teachers because few people recognize that a degree in English has other uses. I had an English prof who used his English degree in a government job, editing the letters sent out. Some English students use the skills in library jobs, or as freelance writers or editors. I plan on using mine to become a book editor and – eventually – to write and publish my own books.

So far, I’m on a great path. I’m interning with Saskatoon Well Being Magazine and they’ve been fabulous to work with. They even let me publish articles in the magazine, which is perfect for growing my portfolio. It’s especially helpful getting positive feedback on a regular basis, which makes me more confident that the path I chose is the right one. Coming out of school I was unsure, but with how much I enjoy the writing and editing I get to do, I know there isn’t another career path out there that I’ll like better.

So, in short I’d like to thank all the people who have encouraged me to do what I love instead of changing my mind to do something more logical. These are the people who have given me the confidence to continue instead of to give up. It’s going to be a shock to those who discouraged or tried to convince me to change my mind when I achieve what I hope to, and that feeling is going to be amazing.

As the Doctor would say: “Geronimo!”


The Addiction of a Scribbler

I was doing a full room cleanse (reorganizing, dusting, finding random things, etc.) and came across a great many things that I didn’t realize I had so many of. Being a Scribbler, I have a great love of journals. What I did not realize was exactly how many I own:


One of the most tempting things to buy – and I’m sure many of you can relate – is a journal to hold all of my great thoughts and ideas. But I’m also a little bit OCD and I don’t like to have multiple stories or ideas in one journal. This is one of the reasons I have so many.
Every single journal has writing in it. My goal now is to fill them all up. What’s the point of all that paper if I’m not going to put something on it?

The Dean Brody Tribute

So, I haven’t blogged in awhile and I figured, hey, I should probably start that up again. (A notion that had nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions, ahem…). Moving on.

Since the song that came on as soon as I opened my blog was this one:

It’s got that nice western twang that I like, and something about it just hits me in a place I can’t describe. It’s not even that romantic, it’s just a really good song.

So, give it a listen! It’s super good, and worth a shot.

Also, give a listen to:

Because it IS romantic, and who doesn’t like that?

If you like a nice country weekend party song, there’s nothing better than:

(For the record, I also love Great Big Sea, and Alan Doyle is awesome in this song)

There you have it! Not much time for blogging tonight, but it’s good to be in the swing of things! Enjoy!

National Novel Writing Month

This month, as many of you know, is National Novel Writing Month! I’ve decided that despite how busy I am with school, it’s in my best interest to participate.
The writing began yesterday.
And OH! How glorious it felt to write with reckless abandon, letting my words flow freely onto the page!
I found out what my biggest problem as a writer is, my most challenging roadblock: I’m too much of a perfectionist. Honestly, those first thousand words felt like an anvil to my creative perfectionism. They were flawed! They were messy! They didn’t make sense!
It took all my willpower to refrain from impulsively deleting them and starting over.
Why didn’t I? Believe me, I still want to so badly! But I can’t, and I won’t, because overcoming this debilitating perfectionism is the only way that I can eventually make the work perfect.
So I will write again with beautiful freedom, and continue on to the goal of 50K words, and only then will I edit and fix. No novel starts out perfectly.

For those interested in participating, visit the Nanowrimo website – I promise it will be worth your while!
Happy writing!

When I Cannot Sleep…

… I blog instead.

Well, this may be a completely new thing. I figured it was worth a try. And since WordPress happens to have this handy iPhone app, I can do it right from my pillow with no hassle or effort whatsoever.
It happens to be 1:20 am here in frozen Saskabush, and I’m in the basement room. My heater is failing at keeping me warm.
Also, since I’m in the basement I get a lot of spider action happening all over my floor. Just recently (12:47 am, in fact) I came into my room to discover a little ball of brown fuzzy with eight legs creeping across my floor. Not as adorable as you may think. I’ve now decided to always have a shoe on my floor, because it was useful in accomplishing the squishiness.
What does this have to do with sleeping? Well, I’m convinced the adrenaline from all the terrible excitement is preventing me from sleeping. That, and I keep wondering if there’s going to be one on my pillow.

While I’m Waiting For The Bus

Sometimes I feel like waiting for the bus is the worst thing in the world. Firstly, it’s almost always late. When it’s not late, it’s early and I miss it that way too. Or I will show up to the stop early in minus forty and it won’t come at all. Those are the days when I want to punch kittens. Not of course that is actually punch a kitten, but I’m sure you understand the level of frustration.
And I grumble to myself “it’s late again!” And curse how unfortunate my life is.
But then I get on the bus and I see someone in a raggedy jacket with a grizzly beard and two toques on, and it’s things like that which make me realize my life isn’t so bad. Yes it’s cold out, yes the bus was late, and it’s inconvenient and ill-organized. But at least I’m not living on it.
Sometimes it takes these moments to make me realize how selfish I can be, and then I feel really ashamed.
I’m very lucky to live in a house and be going to school, and to have all the things I do. Sometimes life just gives us perspective, especially when we need it most.

The Beginning of the End

It seems like it was only a short time ago that I started my University life (in truth, 3 years is actually a short time, but as school goes, it’s lengthy). Now I’m starting my fourth year, and it’s gotten me to thinking about how one year in a life can determine a future.
This year marks a stepping stone for many people I know:Life (NBC TV series)

One of my friends was accepted into the Education program.
Another of my friends was accepted into Optometry.
Yet another will be starting Plumbing in a month.
One has an internship as a student teacher.

My sister is taking the year off to save money to go to Culinary School.
My brother will be graduating high school this year.
I am in my last year of my degree, and will be applying to take my masters.

It’s amazing how somehow this year seems to be so important for so many people. This year is special: it marks the beginning to an end for so many people I know, including myself. How we succeed in this year will determine how our future will unfold. I’m excited to experience it.