Apocalypse, How?

Today marks day two of National Poetry Writing Month!

Today’s prompt is this: Write a poem that tells a lie, or is entirely made of lies.

I went a bit off the deep end with this one. My imagination liked it.

Apocalypse, How?

Speculation about the end of the world –
Stories with such intricacy unfurled:

The death of Odin by a wolf dire,
The earth will drown, the sky fill with fire.

Antichrist will come from the depths of hell,
to treat the world as his own corral.

In the blood of millions, Hathor will wade,
to purge the world of the evil Ra made.

In the form of Kalki, Vishnu will appear
To make the world of chaos clear.

Of a means unknown, zombies abound,
to eat our brains and moan aloud.

But those are just silly, they cannot be true –
Clearly, the world will be consumed by Cthulu.


The Missing Beat – A Poem

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The thrum of daily life

The never-ending pulse

That carries through the night

Can never be repulsed

All the noise and bustle

The sounds we always hear

Stop a single rustle

From reaching any ear

If we stopped one moment

If we missed a beat

We’d hear the Earth’s torment

So loud in every street

It tells us it’s dying

But we don’t care to hear

Even though it’s trying

It will be dead one year.